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Passionate problem solvers developing solutions for client success and social good.


People. Process. Technology.

We start with the people in the organization when we come alongside leaders to help with strategy, planning and implementation. Then we move on to the processes and the technology used to deliver products, services and programming. We partner together to create the journey to success that supports mission, values and goals. We are deeply committed to this kind of success while also bringing about social good inside the organization and within our community.

Our partnerships with leaders include:

  • Fractional CTO and COO support

  • Mentorship and coaching for founders and business leaders

  • Community engagement design and facilitation

  • Board training, development and strategic plan implementation


Todd B. Waldo

founder, principal consultant


How we solve problems

1. listen

We create space to ask the right questions of the right people.

What do your leaders and your team members say about your organization? What about your customers, community and stakeholders? What does change look like to them?

2. design

The right questions help us create our journey to success.

Together, we create a solution leveraging your assets and resources. We agree on the path for your vision and outcomes as well as ways to mitigate risks to our success.

3. execute

We build and execute with you while we learn along the way.

As we cycle through each iteration of our solution, we will learn more about how well our solutions work to accomplish the vision and the opportunities for improvement.

4. evaluate

Where did the journey take us and how was the ride?

Together we review our results and determine if we achieved your vision and produced the outcomes. We also examine the sustainability and scalability of our solution.



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