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History of Hugh Helen from our Founder

Hugh was my grandfather. He lived most of his life as a sharecropper in a poor, under resourced county in South Carolina. Illiterate his whole life, he worked tirelessly on land he would never own for a person who never acknowledged or recognized his worth. My mother, Helen, was born into this life and her young hands worked the same land as my grandfather raising sugarcane and cotton.  

Because of the love, grace and support of my great aunt Helen, my mother escaped the sharecropping suffering to build a better life for herself in Queens, New York. She graduated high school and entered a local nursing program to begin her career caring for people. Her determination and sacrifice continued as she raised me providing opportunities for an education pathway that allowed me to be the first in our family to enrolled in college.

Helen is my daughter's middle name, honoring the sacrifices of the great women before her to secure a better future for our family. The progression from Hugh to Helen was only possible because of a long vision and deep commitment required to bring change and secure opportunity. Our work with Hugh Helen LLC honors that progress with the hope to create the same kind of opportunities for others.




founder, principal consultant

Todd B. Waldo

Todd B. Waldo is an engineer, artist and community advocate serving the city of Richmond.


This North Carolina State University graduate’s (BSEE) career is in systems development, maintenance, and operations. But his passion for and expertise in engineering filters over into his work in the community as well. He supports faculty and staff at VCU School of Engineering as a member of the Industrial Advisory Board, and promotes computer science education as a supporter of CodeVA.


Todd went from a child making noise on pots and pans and listening to his mother’s 45s to sharing stages in the United States and Europe with artists like James Moore, Kim Burrell, Urbana band, Kenneth Leonard, Erick Walls, Maurice Rogers, David Bailey, Dan Schultz, and Sam Reed. Today he performs as a percussionist, drummer, pianist, and poet at venues throughout Virginia. Feel like you’ve seen him somewhere before? You probably have! He performs with JTucker and the Krewe, known for bringing audiences contemporary Jazz with a touch of Soul and R&B.

Community Advocate 

Soon after graduating college, Todd learned the value of serving communities as a board member for organizations whose missions resonated with him. Because he is passionate about his city and social justice, Todd serves on the Board of Directors for Better Housing Coalition, is the President of the Board of the Robinson Theater Community Arts Center, and is a board member for the Afrikana Independent Film Festival and member of the Richmond Symphony Community Council.



sales manager

Ken Morris

Ken Morris is an exceptional HR and Operations talent who brings over 20 years of military and civilian experience to the team. He honorably served in the U.S. Navy for 15 years as a Pilot and Operations professional. Having served as a tactical search and rescue helicopter Pilot for two wars and countless deployments, Ken has gained valuable insight into the strategic and operational languages of the military. He also served in an overseas tour in Djibouti, Africa.

After the military, Ken spent 3 years acquiring a Post-Baccalaureate Degree from VCU. Because serving the community is one of Ken’s core principles, he served on Massey’s Patient Advisory Board for 3 years providing critical insight, patient coordination care. After completing his degree requirements, Ken continued serving the private sector at Richmond’s private Church Hill Academy. There, Ken taught, guided and mentored Richmond’s underserved youth for 3 years.

Lastly, Ken spent the last 2 years serving as a Human Resources Manager at a Mental Health Agency. There he grew a local company from 4 employees to over 35 employees in 18 months. He has an exceptional knack for creating organizational systems and structures. He can help you build your company from the ground up. Recently, Ken acquired his Health and Life Insurance licenses and is currently earning his SHRM-CP designation.


Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 12.36.54 PM.png

design & marketing consultant

Lloyd Young

Lloyd is a self-taught, self-motivated, self-managed designer and marketing consultant passionate about helping others communicate well through branding and marketing. She provides clients with branding and logo design & development, marketing consulting, creative project management, and more.



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